Get real with yourself by Pastor Ed Young

We also want to get real with our music. The popular sound these days is unplugged sound, groups like Green Day, Hootie and the Blow Fish have this acoustical guitar driven music. They don’t like the synthesizers or the electronic sounds so much anymore. They want to get real.

Despite all of our efforts [...]

Modern Sexuality by Pastor Ed Young

Think about a press conference. I love to watch Bill Clinton in press conferences. First you hear “Hail to the Chief”. “Thank you. Any questions?” “Mr. President, Mr. President, Mr. President.” “Yes”. “Mr. President, about the Whitewater issue?” “Next question, please”, and he goes on to someone else. What the press is doing is [...]

A Great Relationship by Pastor Ed Young

Today I am talking about property lines. I am talking about boundaries. I am talking about space. We are going to discuss the dynamics between grown children and their parents. This volatile and sometimes complex relationship has to do with a concept called property lines, boundaries or space.

I want to give you three [...]