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Pastor Ed Young, Wife to Stream Time in Bed on the Internet

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The North Texas pastor who once challenged his congregation, will now spend 24 hours in bed with his wife and stream it live on the Internet.

Fellowship Church Pastor Ed Young and his wife Lisa, who have in the past garnered national attention for their innovative and frank approach to discussing marriage, including infidelity, are launching a 24-hour “Sexperiment” to help promote a biblical view to show people “how it’s done God’s way can lead to a life punctuated by exclamation marks—a life full of passion, purpose, and pleasure,” according to a statement on the church’s website.

The experiment will place the couple in a bed on top of Fellowship Church where, for 24 hours, they will not only eat and sleep, but they will conduct bedside interviews, talk via Skype with friends from around the world and discuss the biblical view of this subject in a marriage.

The whole point, it seems, is to encourage married couples to build lasting relationships through intimacy with their spouse.  For those who take part, a companion book is available with all proceeds going to Fellowship Church.

The event begins at 6 a.m. Friday.

Young is the founding pastor of megachurch Fellowship Church.  The main campus is in Grapevine while there are satellite campuses in Plano, Fort Worth, Dallas and Miami, Fla.

The Bible says in Romans 12:15 by Pastor Ed Young

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Then do something else.  The Bible says in Romans 12:15, “Rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep.”  After you use the Cliff Notes mentally, just take off your shoes.  How many here wear size 11 or 11½ shoes?  Come on down front.  OK, take your shoes off, please.  These are my shoes.  Peter, just before you put these shoes on I am going to tell you what will happen.  OK, I am talking to Peter.  He is telling me something.  I am taking mental Cliff Notes.  Then I take my shoes off, give them to him and I try to put myself in his shoes.  So if Peter is listening to me right now, he should put himself in my shoes.  He should picture himself in my family, with my background, with my situation, to feel my feelings, weep when I weep and rejoice when I rejoice.

So, Peter I will put on your Doc Martins.  And you are putting on my shoes.  Put them on.  How do they feel?  A little sweaty!  That OK.  Peter, do you have athlete’s foot?  Do you?  No.  Well, you do now.  I’m kidding, kidding.

So take the mental Cliff Notes, put yourself in someone else’s shoes, empathize with them.  Then the last one, give them feedback verbally.  This is huge when listening.  Don’t just stand there and stare blankly.  Summarize the conversation and give it back to them in sound bites verbally.  When you do so, let me tell you what will happen.  You will see the person’s self esteem begin to soar.  You will see them thinking that what they are saying matters.  Then you will be able to actively listen and not forget what they are saying.

The Sexperiment – You will not be looking over their shoulder or be thinking about what you have to say.  Great things will occur.  Do you realize the power that we have in communication?  It has been given to us by God Himself and we are to use it.